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Start-up Tools


  • Start-ups are always short on time: here are some tools that can save you time and avoid reinventing the wheel.
  • This list is focused on technical tools to save development time.
  • List of Contributors
  • Other ListsOfStartupTools
  • Startup Tools is sponsored by the Bootstrappers Breakfast. Here is a list of May 2024 events for bootstrappers. We offer online and face to face Bootstrappers Breakfasts® events for "entrepreneurs who eat problems for breakfast.”®


Legitimate tool contributions are welcome, no spam please. Please do not create a new category where your tool is the only tool. This is not an "announce my new startup page"; any tools listed should be in production use at startups. We reserve the right to delete any items contributed that are spam, landing pages, or otherwise do not appear to have startups as satisfied users.





Bugs & Issue Tracking






Image manipulation



Presentation tools

Login System

Social functionality



Affiliate & Referral Programs


Servers / VPS / Hosting

Electronic Signature (eSign) Services

Hiring / Recruitment

Financial Managment and Accounting, Taxes, and Payroll

Invoicing & Payments

Credit Card Processing

Subscription Payments / Management / Billing

Managing APIs

Web frameworks


Sharing & storing files

Image Galleries 

Customer Relationship Management

Feedback and FAQ


Test- and Behavior-Driven Development

Continuous Integration - Continuous Delivery 

Collaboration Platform

Technical Contractor Management

Code Hosting and Version Control

Social Media Tracking/Marketing

Browser Compatibility / Cross-Browser Testing tools

Screenshot/screencast tools


Cloud Infrastructure

Loading Animations

Private beta / launch pages / landing pages

E-Mail to/from Postal Mail

Ad Serving Technology

Project Management tools

 Time Management Software / ToDo Lists

 Customer Support Tools

Mockups/Wireframes/UX Prototypes


Realtime push - data and task sync across services

iPhone/iPad Development

  • AppAnnie - Download analytics: reviews, stats, and ratings from stores in all countries
  • TestFlight - adhoc builds / manage beta testers
  • Contentful - content management platform for web & mobile apps  

Physical Workspace / Meeting Rooms

Online meeting platform / Web conference tools (See also http://webconferencing-test.com )



Startup Tools is sponsored by the Bootstrappers Breakfast.

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