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Zero Defects Culture

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Un-Official sites



  • Nobody writes bug free code, but leaving bugs hanging around for very long is irresponsible and risky:
    • bugs take an unpredictable amount of time to fix - this makes meeting deadlines difficult
    • if you continue to add features to buggy code, you're not building on solid foundations: when you eventually fix the bug, you might have to change your new code too to keep it working
  • Stamp on bugs as soon as you find them
  • Always prioritise bug-fixing before building new features.
  • Stay on first-name terms with the few bugs you do have using a lo-fi system like Index Cards to track them.
  • Use techniques like Test-Driven Development and Pair Programming to help you write code with less bugs.


Start-ups aspiring:

  • Songkick.com




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